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Our company started its activity in the market during the 2002 campaign. Which thanks to our efforts and invaluable support from our dealers has made an active and growing campaign after campaign.

Our portfolio has products that include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed treatments own registered products which are increasing day by day.

Our main activity is concentrated mainly importing from Germany, China, India and USA for their development and subsequent distribution and sale.

Our objective is aimed at crop protection products by providing extensive and intensive acting at all stages of production cycle from the care of the seed sowing to obtain the grain at harvest.

Our vision is to provide quality assurance to the producer and favoring the respect and business ethics.

Only then will we "sow" solutions today to "harvest" business tomorrow


  Quality Control  
Our products are manufactured in plants makers empowered by SENASA complying with existing regulations.

Ensure improvement in the development of products with a lower environmental impact to comply with our values as a company.

"This is our big challenge, filling the expectations in product quality and customer satisfaction."


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